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Pesnica, Zgornji Jakobski Dol

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ID: 107194-218
Size 554,50 m2
Land 40.117 m2
Build 1987
Renovated 2018
Real estate
Vladimir Lešnik
Vladimir Lešnik

Licence ID: 03146

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A prestigious wine-tourism estate is for sale

This is a unique opportunity to become the owner of an estate located in the idyllic surroundings of Zgornje Jakobski Dol in the Municipality of Pesnica, Slovenia. This estate combines winemaking and tourism, and offers an exciting opportunity to develop your business challenge or enjoy life in a beautiful rural setting.

The main feature of Zgornje Jakobski Dol is its beautiful rural location in the wine-growing region. Zgornji Jakobski Dol is a famous wine-growing region in Slovenia, located near Pesnica in the northeastern part of the country. The main feature of this area- includes:

1. Vineyards: Zgornji Jakobski Dol is recognizable by its lush vineyards, which are spread over hills and valleys. The region is home to several premium wine varieties, including Laska Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminc, Muscat and Chardonnay. The wine tradition goes back a long way, and wine production is one of the main activities in this place.

2. Natural Beauty: The landscape in Zgornje Jakobské Dol is picturesque and offers wonderful views. Hills, vineyards, forests and rivers create an idyllic setting for lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

3. Tourist opportunities: Due to its wine-growing heritage in a beautiful landscape, Zgornji Jakobski Dol is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy wine tastings, vineyard tours and cuisine. Tourist farms and estates offer a unique experience of rural life.

4. Cultural Heritage: Apart from winemaking, this region also has a rich cultural heritage. In this area you can also find older buildings, castles and churches that testify to the history of this place.

Basic information:

Location: Zgornji Jakobski Dol, Municipality of Pesnica, Slovenia

Land size: 4 hectares (there is also the possibility of buying land in the surrounding area, as well as renting it)

Wine Cellar: Fully equipped cellar for wine production and storage

Accommodation: Main house with several bedrooms and bathrooms, with balconies, terrace with wonderful views

Farm tourism: Restaurant, event spaces, kitchen, toilets

Vineyards: Superb vineyards on 3 hectares with varieties of recognized vines

Infrastructure: All necessary infrastructure for winemaking and tourism

Access: Regulated access from main roads

This estate in Zgornje Jakobské Dol is equipped with several buildings that are crucial for the operation of the wine and tourist complex. All buildings are renovated, energy efficient, heated with a heat pump. Here are detailed descriptions of these buildings:

1. Main House:

• This is a well-maintained and fully restored house that serves as the main residence on the property.

• The house has several bedrooms and bathrooms, a sauna, hunting rooms for socializing, which provides comfortable and prestigious accommodation for the owners.

• A wonderful view of the vineyards and the surrounding area opens from its terrace or windows.

2. Wine Cellar:

• The wine cellar is a special building equipped with modern stainless steel refrigerated tanks with a capacity of approximately 40,000 liters.

• This cellar is the heart of the winemaking process, where it is fermented and then stored in excellent conditions.

3. Spaces for Tourism (all in oak):

• There are special rooms above the wine cellar that are intended for tourist activities.

Here, guests can participate in wine tastings, learn about winemaking and wine tradition, and enjoy a unique atmosphere.

•The premises have underfloor heating and cooling with a heat pump and air recovery, as well as a wine cooler

•A nice small terrace with a beautiful view of the vineyards and the countryside

4. Outbuilding:

• Includes space for air filtration press, automatic bottle filling line with sterilizer and labeler and storage for bottles and equipment.

5. Garage for Tractor and Machines:

• The garage is intended for storing the vineyard tractor and other agricultural machinery needed to work the vineyards (such as: Ferrari tractor, mulcher, leaf remover, weeder).

All these buildings are carefully planned, maintained and equipped with modern equipment, which allows the wine and tourism business to run smoothly on this beautiful estate. Together they create a unique environment that combines viticulture, tourism and the comfort of living in one.

Also own water source

Having your own source of water on this estate is undoubtedly a great advantage, which benefits winemaking and the operation of the estate in general:

1. Independence from public sources: With your own water source, you have complete independence from public water sources, which means that you are not dependent on possible water supply interruptions or restrictions on water use.

2. Reliability of water supply: Ensures a reliable supply of water for all needs on the estate, cleaning equipment and for the needs of winemaking.

3.Cost efficiency: In the long term, having your own source of water can also have cost advantages, as it avoids paying high bills for water supply from public sources.

4. the property also has its own 15,000 liter rainwater tank.

One of the outstanding advantages of this estate is that all the vineyards are directly connected to the main buildings and infrastructure. This design represents a key advantage and has positive effects:

Exceptional Vineyard Control and Maintenance: Vineyards are just a step away from the winery, allowing for quick and easy grape sampling and immediate processing. This contributes to the high quality of grapes and wine, as control over the vineyard is direct and precise.

Efficient Work Logistics: Due to the proximity of the vineyards, the work of winegrowers and oenologists is more efficient. Fast access to grapes allows better control over processing and optimization of wine production.

Reduction of Transport Costs: Since grapes do not need to be transported over long distances, transport costs are reduced, resulting in profitability and environmental impact.

Opportunity for Wine Tourism: Guests and visitors can experience a direct connection between the vineyards and the tasting room. To enable a unique experience of winemaking and the attractiveness of the tourist offer.

Faster reactions to changing conditions: If there are unexpected changes in the weather or conditions in the vineyard, it is possible to act more quickly because the vineyards are so close.

Preservation of Landscape Aesthetics: The vineyards that surround the buildings add a magical landscape aesthetic to the property and create a wonderful environment for guests and visitors.

The joint connection of the vineyards with the buildings represents one of the main advantages of this estate, which contributes to the success of the wine and tourism business. It allows for better wine quality, an enhanced dining experience and the overall appeal of this property.

Infrastructure nearby:

School: There is a primary school nearby that provides an excellent education for your children.

Kindergarten: You also have a kindergarten available

Other infrastructure: In the surrounding area you can find shops, restaurants, pharmacies and other services for a comfortable daily life.

Included equipment: The estate is sold with all necessary equipment for tourism and equipment in the accommodation facility. This includes everything you need for smooth operation and maintenance.

Equipment for viticulture and cellar equipment is not included in the price, but is a matter of agreement.

Investment opportunity:

This estate represents a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to combine winemaking with tourism. There is great potential for the development of both industries, which can bring a stable source of income.

We can emphasize that the estate is very close to the Austrian border, which makes it even more attractive for potential buyers from Austria and Germany. Due to the geographical proximity of these two countries, the estate can be an attractive option for those who own property in this region or are looking for an idyllic plot of land outside their home borders. This means that buyers from Austria and Germany can see the estate as an attractive investment opportunity, as well as an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wine and tourist region of Slovenia.

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No. of bathrooms 2
WC 2



  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Parking lot
  • Air conditioning
  • Sauna
  • Basement
  • Elevated ground floor


  • kitchen with appliances
  • dining table with chairs
  • dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • bathtub
  • TV
  • bed
  • desk
  • couches and foutons


  • Electricity
  • Water


  • Oil
  • Heat pump
  • Firewood
  • Air conditioning
  • CH


  • Very sunny


  • south
  • east
  • west

Energy card

Energy class: C

Accurate energy consumption: 50,90 kWh/m2a

Date of issue of the card: 08.11.2023

In the vicinity of real estate

City center 12 km
Post office 5 km
Health centre 1 km
Hospital 12 km
Highway 5 km
Bank 5 km

Real estate agent

Vladimir Lešnik
Vladimir Lešnik

Licence ID: 03146

43 real estates

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Representative: MPTRG d.o.o., Kersnikova ulica 17A, 3000 Celje

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