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Matija Sever

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Most people find themselves in a situation where they are selling or buying property 3 or 4 times in their life - that is why it is very difficult to gain quality experience and knowledge in the area. Real-estate agents, however, deal with it on a daily basis and are thus equipped with a detailed knowledge of the local market and are able to set the most suitable price when selling, so that the property sells in a couple of weeks and not in a couple of years. In my professional career, I have dealt mainly with selling property in Ljubljana, which is why this particular segment of work is my favourite. In my 4-year-long career as a real-estate agent, I have sold over 60 properties and I would be honoured to share my valuable experience with anyone who would choose to let me help them with this extremely important decision in their life. If you are interested in working with a professional, dedicated, and positive agent with years of relevant work experience, I would be delighted to receive your call.



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