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Perhaps one would think that the capital is filled with good real estate agencies and that there is no more space for a new one. However, there is always enough space for excellence; and competition is just another expression for fear of the better.

Ljubljana is richer for a new agency that evolved from an old one – through a franchise and the yellow color, telling the story of a Century 21 Agency. In its primary form, it has had over 50 years of experience in the real estate business, and it has entered the home market in its new form at the beginning of this year. Century 21 Emona consists of people, who are professionals when it comes to real estates. Our virtues are professionalism in its broadest meaning, knowing the market, and the passion, mixed with our dedication, connecting experience, and good practice into the desired result. In our agency, you will not be losing your time with promises, they cannot be fulfilled. Moreover, we will not be beating around the bush, instead, we will review all the options and change them into opportunities.

It does not make a difference to us if you present us an abandoned real estate or a potential hit. We are aware of how exquisite we are. We are able to find the right owner for each real estate. Our many years of experience enable us to lead the buyer safely. There is no need to be intrusive or persuasive. Rather, we focus on a fundamental introductory conversation with a client and enable him/her to feel comfortable and understood. Calm atmosphere indicates our professionals, who do their business in accordance with their mission. Everything that follows is beneficial to the customers. Century 21 Emona is not only one of the new real estate agencies; it is an agency where exquisitely is tailored to meet one's needs.


Agents of the agency

Tjaša Laimiš Škrbec 30
Tjaša Laimiš Škrbec

real estate agent

Amanda Čilović 38
Amanda Čilović

real estate agent

Špela Meterc Repovž 2
Špela Meterc Repovž

real estate agent

Roman Štefanič 46
Roman Štefanič

real estate agent

Matija Sever 58
Matija Sever

real estate agent

Barbara Lukan 47
Barbara Lukan

real estate agent

Aleš Pirc 18
Aleš Pirc

real estate agent

Jernej Banfi 92
Jernej Banfi

real estate agent

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  • Vacation facilities
  • House
  • Business premises

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