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Primož Vrečko

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Purchase or sale of real estate is often a very stressful occurrence for the buyer and may be often really very emotional for the seller.

 I can rely on my own experience from the past, as I have acted as a seller, and have been in the role of the buyer for many times. So, I have many years of experience from the past in working with customers in various areas of purchasing or selling. That also helps me to try to understand customers and their wishes, demands, and expectations through the conversation.

As a mechanical engineer, I am capable to answer on technical questions in technical areas of real estate.

I assume that my greatest qualities are honesty and sincerity, so I expected these two characteristics from other parties in the process of making business.

On my believing, that's the only way to conclude a business, which brings satisfaction to both parties.



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+386 41 393 963

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